I have been called a shortie since young.  I am always the “1st” one in class – always being asked to queue right at the front because I am the shortest.

All my friends that were at my age or even younger are taller than me.  They seemed to shoot up and grow taller year on year.  My height seemed to stay stagnant.  The height difference among us is very visible and I am always being bullied.  I have got many names from chicken, shorty,potato and many others.  I feel hurt all those years.  I have very little friends and I spent most of my times alone.

I grew up mostly alone.

But I am not freak.  I am a positive guy and I live the way I wanted.  However, being short does has it’s disadvantage in career.  What I experienced as kid, I continued to experienced at work.  Although there are no more names calling, there are always these invisible barriers to whatever I wish to achieve.

I went to seminar and health talk and I chance upon a way to grow taller naturally. I followed the instructions and persevere. I grew 2.5 inches!  This additional inches makes world of difference to my life and career.  I started to get noticed and I feel much more confident when I attend meetings, seminars and party.

I created this site to share what I was being given.  It has changed my life.  I hope this can help change yours for the better too.



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