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How To Become Tall

Have you been driving yourself crazy trying to figure out how to get taller?  If so, you are not alone, and you need not worry anymore! Today may very well be the day that you learn how to overcome what you perceive to be as your genetic height potential, as you learn the secrets of how to grow taller fast! In fact, there are a few things you can do to increase your overall physical height.

Growth Spurt

Here’s a little piece of information that you might find interesting: When we are babies we actually have more bones than we do as adults. Sounds crazy that a smaller body would actually have more bones than a full grown body, but it is absolutely true. When human beings are infants, much of the skeleton is made up of softer cartilage that begins to harden and fuse together as we get older. Then, when puberty hits, a growth spurt takes place that extends the plates in our bones, to make us gain height at a very fast rate. This is one of those reasons why parents of teenagers find it so difficult to keep well-fitting clothing on their seemingly ever-growing teenagers!

Getting Taller Diet

So what can you do if you are well past the puberty stage, but still want to be taller? For starters, be sure to eat a healthy diet that is rich in

How To Grow Tall Fast And Height Increasing Exercises

Increase Your Height

protein, amino acids, calories and calcium. The body needs these building blocks of human tissue and bones in order to grow at an accelerated rate. You can’t make something from nothing, so if you hope to add extra inches, be sure to eat a healthy, wholesome diet on a regular basis. Pay special attention to calcium, as this is the main building block of bones, and failure to include enough calcium in your diet can lead to your growth being stunted over the long haul. Dairy products and green leafy vegetables are great sources of calcium, so be sure to include these types of foods in your daily diet.

Height Increasing Exercises

You should also strive to stay physically fit through regular exercise in order to be able increase your height. As you exercise your body begins to release growth hormones. And guess what those hormones do? That’s right – they help the body to grow. A few push-ups won’t lead to inches gained overnight, but regular exercise helps the body to grow stronger – and taller – when done the right way. Stretching the bones and ligaments is an essential type of exercise for those of you who want to get taller fast, so be sure to stretch each and every day! And make an effort to stay slim, as avoiding excess body fat leads to the illusion of one looking long and lean, instead of short and stumpy!

Make Yourself Taller

Finally, don’t neglect good posture. Remember those times when your parents told you to stand up/sit up nice and straight? Well, it turns out they were right! Straightening the spine and strengthening the core muscles – both hallmarks of good posture – go a long way in making you taller than you are when your posture is poor and you are always slumped over.

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Grow Taller 4 Idiots
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